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Valerian Jablanovski, Master in Management, KLU student

Tuition Fees


A good education is invaluable – and a Master of Science degree from Kühne Logistics University is an investment that will yield a lifetime of dividends. The tuition fees for the two-year Master of Science in Management program are € 5,980 per semester. In exchange, at KLU you will benefit from studying in small classes, an international environment, and excellent contacts to the business world.

This is a major financial investment, but we would like you to pursue your degree at KLU regardless of your financial situation. We offer a variety of financing options in the form of loans, Brain Capital financing, or scholarships. One of our financing options will surely match your situation!

The German tax legislation stipulates that tuition fees are partially/fully deductible as work and income-related or special expenditure. This applies to students and/or their parents whose income is subject to income tax in Germany. The following overview describes different scenarios.

Cost of living

Your tuition fees cover tuition and services, including most course materials, on-campus IT services, and access to the library. The tuition fees do not include travel or living expenses. Students should budget around € 11,300 for cost of living per year of study. An amount of at least € 8,040 per year has to be deposited or documented when applying to German embassies or consulates for a student visa.