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Olga Rusyaeva, PhD candidate

Olga Rusyaeva

PhD candidate

Olga Rusyaeva is a PhD candidate of Management in the field of Logistics at Kühne Logistics University. She graduated from Mathematic and Mechanic Faculty of Saint Petersburg State University with a Diploma in Operation Research (equivalent to Master’s degree) in 2010. Before doing her research work at KLU, she gained industry experience in one of the most respectable center of software development in Saint Petersburg, Arcadia Inc. During this period Olga Rusyaeva took part in various international projects. Her area of interest was focused on User eXperience aspects in software development. This interest resulted in receiving certification of Usability Professional. Simultaneously she completed the additional educational program at the Business School of Saint Petersburg State University.

Olga Rusyaeva’s research focuses on the mathematical optimization techniques such as dynamic programming and approximate dynamic programming which allow to solve large-scale optimization problems in areas like logistics, pricing strategy, industry and supply chain management.