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Kristoph Ullrich, PhD candidate

Kristoph Ullrich

PhD candidate

Kristoph Ullrich is a PhD candidate in the field of Supply Chain and Operations Management at Kühne Logistics University.

After completing his undergraduate studies in Business Administration in Mannheim, he joined KLU already in 2010 to participate in the M.Sc.-Program “Global Logistics”. In 2012 he graduated with a master thesis regarding Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) / integrated business planning.

During his studies Kristoph gained valuable professional knowledge in well-known companies of the consulting, retailing and pharmaceutical industries.

His research at KLU focuses on intra- and interorganizational planning processes. More precisely, he is concerned with sales, production, procurement, logistics and financial forecasting. Especially the integration and implementation of these plans (across companies' boundaries) in order to maximize supply chain profits forms the center of Kristoph’s investigations.