Digital Transformation

A KLU Key Competence Area

The ongoing progress in information and communication technologies has changed and will continue to change the way in which individuals, societies, organizations and businesses communicate, collaborate, operate, and make decisions. Rarely has any technological development ever had a comparable impact. Successful management becomes increasingly dependent on the capability of exploiting the potentials of this digital transformation.

Big data and remote monitoring enables companies to analyze internal processes and external markets in order to obtain a thorough understanding of the business environment and their own activities.
Processes can be automated and managed in a decentralized way, where smart objects communicate with their environment and independently and collaboratively make decisions.
Products and sales channels can be digitalized, providing faster services and extended choices for the customers.
Automated production facilities can fundamentally change the flow of goods in supply chains, replacing transportation of parts and components by raw material flows required for 3D-printing.
Decisions, which traditionally had to be made by a human decision maker, can be supported and, in many cases even replaced, by algorithmic approaches exploring the vast amount of data and evaluating myriads of alternative options.

With its study programs and research, KLU's mission in the field of digital transformation is to prepare future business leaders who understand and master the digital revolution. Our students are capable of managing information as a key factor in and across organizations and of using information systems for effective and efficient decision making.

Through top-quality research and teaching in the fields of logistics and management, we expand the boundaries of knowledge and generate insights that not only advance theory but also help companies taking the lead in the digital revolution for competitive advantage.

Prof. Dr. André Ludwig, Associate Professor of Computer Science in Logistics

Selected Publications